Constable Colgan's Connectoscope

By Stevyn Colgan

A paper-based portable wireless device that connects everything to everything else

Sunday, 17 February 2013

We're creeping up the hill of completeness

Hello m'dearios. A quick update on all things connectoscopic.

This week I've been looking over the galleys. By that I mean the proof copies of the book, laid out as they will be in the final tome (rather than examining some old Roman boats). The Connectoscope is looking delicious, really pants-stretchingly exciting. The care that Unbound is taking over it is truly flattering. The book already feels very special to me as you lot made it happen. To know that it will also look magnificent is simply an extra thick dollop of creme patisserie on my muffin.

The final hurdle is the cover design. I had a meeting with the Unbounders on Friday and, over a surfeit of fine sarnies and Earl Grey, we came up with something that will make you squeal like a Justin Beiber fan being dragged down a blackboard. Watch this space. We're still hoping for an April completion but we are somewhat at the mercy of the time it takes to physically make the books. From them receiving everything, there's usually at least a month turn-around. But we're racing through at indecent speed - but not so fast that we make mistakes or cut corners. You've been very patient waiting for this book. We intend it to be everything you expect from us and, if that means waiting a couple more weeks, I hope you'll be patient.

In other news, I'm hard at work on the new series of QI - this year themed around the letter K. So expect some knights, koalas and Komodo dragons. Maybe. That's the thing about being a QI elf ... we all throw as many K things into the pot as we can find but it's a very special kind of fact that is good enough to become a QI question. I reckon 60% of what we've all unearthed so far will never make it to air. But it isn't wasted because we can use it on our website. is growing exponentially and, we hope, will one day be a favourite site for anyone who wants to read accurate and entertaining information about all of the things that make the world so interesting.

Lastly, do have a look at my Colganology blog when you get a moment. It's always full of interesting stuff plus you'll find dates of upcoming speaking engagements. If you get the chance, pop along to one and say hello!

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