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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Shall I? Shan't I?

Hello Sheddyfolk

As usual it's all hands to the pumps, all feet to the pedals, and buttocks to the grindstone here at Castle Colgan. Work on writing the new L series of QI continues apace - it's going to be a good 'un! - and we're startng to think about who we'd love as guests on this year's series of The Museum of Curiosity. I may also be working on another TV show as well but more news of that when it's all firmed up.

I continue to do talks around the UK, although I'm now getting to the end of this somewhat haphazard and chaotic 'tour'. By the time I fulfill my last booking in March I'll have done over 80 events since last April. What a masochist. Or not. I love doing them. In fact, this every eve, I'm doing 15 minutes of connections at the Transmission Prize event at Foyles in London. It's going to be great!

On the book front, I've recently finished writing a new novel and will be looking at publishing that this year. And it's lovely to still be getting the occasional tweet, email or text about Constable Colgan's Connectoscope; I'm genuinely chuffed and flattered (fluffered?) that people like it. All of which, as T S Eliot said, leads me to an overwhelming question ...

Connectoscope is a sequel to my 2006 book Joined-Up Thinking and, as you probably know, the index of the latter references content in the former. The hardback and paperback editions of J-UT are getting harder to find and some of the facts contained within are now out of date. 

So how would you feel about me releasing a new updated version of J-UT as an e-book through Unbound? Having taken over a year to raise the funding to produce Connectoscope, I think that the likelihood of doing it as a physical book is ... well, unlikely. But an e-book could be sorted out relatively quickly, especially as the book is already written and I've updated the content.

And because there's no physical printing to organise, we wouldn't have to go through the pledging and funding process. We make the book available and you buy a copy - as simple as that. 

So what do you reckon, O shed-dwellers?

Would you like to see J-UT (or J-UT PLUS as I'm calling it now) as an e-book? I'm interested to see if there's enough interest to 'give it a run', as they say.











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Ruth Curtis
 Ruth Curtis says:

Sounds like a really good idea to me.
I confess that when I first tried to read Joined-up Thinking I was in hospital and it hurt my head trying to get through it! How about you narrating? It would make it so much easier to follow (as I have found with Connectoscope). Ruth :-)

posted 10th February 2014

Chris Emerson
 Chris Emerson says:

Sounds good to me :)

posted 10th February 2014

Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

Vunderbar - I'll take 1 :) can I offer to be your proof reader ? ;)

posted 10th February 2014

Sean Williams
 Sean Williams says:

Count me in Sir :-)

posted 10th February 2014

Claire Chambers
 Claire Chambers says:

I'm all for it x

posted 10th February 2014

Christina Broughton
 Christina Broughton says:

Yes. YES!! But ... how will you sign/doodle in them?? ;)

posted 10th February 2014

Helen Armfield
 Helen Armfield says:

Um... yes, yes you should...

(much as I love paper books, I'm reading more and more electronically these days!)

posted 10th February 2014

Bernie Stefan-Rasmus
 Bernie Stefan-Rasmus says:

I think an ebook would b splendid. Sadly I am slowly drifting into electronic abyss.........

posted 11th February 2014

Jose Vizcaino
 Jose Vizcaino says:

Cracking idea

posted 13th February 2014

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