Constable Colgan's Connectoscope

By Stevyn Colgan

A paper-based portable wireless device that connects everything to everything else

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


It's always nice to read nice things written about oneself and I was delighted yesterday to be directed by a friend to some reviews of 'Connectoscope' that I hadn't seen before on sites like Goodreads and Waterstone's. These are all customer reviews (the ones that count) and it makes me very happy to think that a book I wrote is making people smile. Even better - I haven't found a bad review yet!


‘This is a crazy and highly informative look at how random facts can be linked together to form a comical mass. Stevyn Colgan is one of the QI elves so expect the kind of tangents found in the QI books and show. It's very, very funny and packed full of fascinating little nuggets.'

‘This is such a brilliant book! 'Six Degrees Of Separation' meets, well, most people's average internet experience. You know the kind, you start off with good intentions of searching for some cheap trainers, then five minutes and as many clicks later and you're engrossed in an article about the parenting techniques of Patagonian tribesmen. I love books like this, as they open your mind up to all kinds of things. This book is funny, clever, and also mildly annoying because as you're reading it you can't help thinking, 'why didn't I think of doing this?!'’

‘This book is fantastic! I kept it on my shelves so I could take it away on holiday to read and I sorely regret not reading it sooner! Basically the premise is that all facts and trivia are connected. Kinda like the Kevin Bacon Game where each actor is connected to Bacon by some small link, this book has facts connected to each other in a circle so the fact you begin with is also the fact you end with. Clever, right? Well that's just the beginning! Not only are the facts very intelligent and probably things only super nerds would know, they are presented in a really fun and accessible way that really sticks the information in your mind. I was constantly annoying my boyfriend while I was reading it (and he was reading a very serious book about the Spanish Civil War at the time) by leaning over and telling him, whilst laughing, about something I'd just learned. I got the impression he was less than impressed :/ Written by a QI elf, you'd expect nothing less than an entertaining but insightful look at apparently meaningless trivia and this book delivers that in spades.'

Gosh. Blush etc. :)

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