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Friday, 26 September 2014


Hello m'dearios.

Just a quick shedpost to ask a favour.

If you liked 'Connectoscope', you might like my new book Why did the policeman cross the road?

Admittedly, it's a very different kind of book to 'Connectoscope'. Although it is full of interesting facts.

It's the story of my time in Scotland Yard's experimental Problem Solving Unit, where we were asked to find innovative new solutions to problems that didn't respond to traditional policing methods.

Like solving noisy nightclub complaints with lollipops.

Or breaking up a street gambling sydicate using a wizard.

Or stopping young men killing each other by holding a dog show.

It's part autobiography, but it's also a guidebook on how to solve problems. Any kind of problems.

Like how to stop elephant stampedes.

Or prevent harm coming to dementia patients.

Or how to wake up deaf people when there's a fire.

If you like books by people like Malcolm Gladwell or Will Storr or Jon Ronson, or books like Freakonomics, The Black Swan or Stiff, you'll probably like this book too. 

So why not give it a punt? You can pledge a tenner - that's the price of a pizza - and get the digital edition. Two pizzas (or one Chinese) gets you the lavishly produced and illustrated (with photos by me) hardback. 

Or, if it doesn't sound like your kind of book, how about buying it as a present - admittedly a stealth present as the book won't surface until next year (book production isn't a quick process) - or nudging someone you think might like it to pledge?

Any help you can give would be BRILLIANT.

Sadly, the book industry is so celebrity obsessed - just look at how many famous autobiographies came out this week - that getting books like mine to the shops is pretty much impossible without the help of the readers. Publishers like Unbound are breaking new ground and, for people like me, offer a chance to do what we love doing and to share what we do with you.

Thanks for reading.


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