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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Well, it's all go at the mo!

Work continues apace on the new series of QI. We're recording three episodes per week at the moment and it's all going very well. Lots of your favourite guests are back, plus some QI virgins. At time of writing this we have six in the can and 10 more to go.

I'm also out and about doing talks and appearances. A couple of weekends back, I did QEDCon in Manchester among such luminary speakers as Richard Wiseman, Ben Goldacre, Simon Singh, Adam Rutherford, Helen Czerski, Robin Ince and so many more. Top of the bill was Richard Dawkins who liked my talk on why skepticism, research and my old job of policing. In fact, he posted a rare tweet:

I'm now looking forward to various festivals - Hay, Harrogate, Latitude, Cornbury and Edinburgh - and a whole host of venues all over the country. I keep a diary updated on my blog here.

If I'm near you, do come and say hello!


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