The Confused CEO's Guide to 21st Century Organisations

By Virpi Oinonen

A visual guide to business concepts everyone uses but no-one can explain

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Introducing the characters of The Confused CEO's Guide to 21st Century Organisations

At the moment this lot looks like the main cast for the comic book. Should the head of HR be an animal too?


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David Coombe
 David Coombe says:

Given HR have been called 'Human Remains' yes I think an animal would help portray the character.

posted 3rd July 2018

Noel Warnell
 Noel Warnell says:

HI Virpi, I like the idea of a floating 'head' of HR, and the direction you could go down here depends on what the character traits are. For example if you believe they're focused only on process it could actually be the head of a robot. Or if you think they are a nurturing and caring type, then it could be a gentle animal like a koala, or something...

posted 3rd July 2018

Richard Perry
 Richard Perry says:

An animal for HR would be consistent or you could have a big brain in a glass jar with wires attached ( HR = Human Realisation ) PS. I;m not an HR guy :)

Also if you have 'RIght Hand Woman' why not have 'Left hand man '. Just to be balanced plus you can play on the left and right brain angle.

posted 3rd July 2018

Laurence Lock Lee
 Laurence Lock Lee says:

I'd go for all or none re-animals .... may get some inspiration from this

posted 4th July 2018

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