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Sunday, 9 June 2019

I often find that spring ends up being the busiest time of year for me as evidenced by the fact that the frequency of my blogging (or – in the last year and a half – my updates on here) tends to drop off during that time. I'm not sure exactly why that is; perhaps the nature of life as a freelancer is that you are subject to the whims of those who hire you and the spring is a time of renewal, a time when people decide to revamp their on line presences and update their websites. It's also the time of year when my work preparing for the Camden and Manchester Fringe Festivals (which take place in July and August respectively) is at its height.

As a result I've not been posting updates on here nearly as much as I should have - and haven't been plugging the book as frequently as I'd have liked. And this is a time when I should be doing exactly that; with luck and a few more pledges the crowdfiund will reach its target in the near future. Ideally I'd like it to be before the second anniversary of the launch!

Naturally of course everyone who sees this will have already pledged, and as ever a massive thanks to all of you for that! I would be nowhere without you. However I have a small favour to ask. If each of you could encourage just one other person to pledge – perhaps a mutual friend who isn't aware of it or hasn't got around to it yet – that would be fantastic and would almost certainly  close that last gap. And before you know it you will all be reading the novel. 

However it's possible that you're reading this blog entry without having pre-ordered the novel, perhaps due to my plugging it (the blog entry) on social media. If so, do please have a read of the excerpt here on Unbound (and if you enjoy that there's a further excerpt available as an extra in the novelette Demon Face which is available as a free ebook in both MOBI and EPUB formats at, watch the video trailer and imagine just how exciting it would be to read the whole thing.

Together we can do this! Fingers crossed that my next update is reporting my success as I step over that finish line.

Of course as one story ends another begins. My friend Zena has just launched the campaign for her novel Your Friend Forever here at Unbound and as the algorithms are fond of saying, if you like this you'll love that! I would encourage all of you to please pop over to the page for her book and pledge there too.

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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