By Chris Limb

The equally absurd worlds of modern celebrity and ancient mythology collide when pop singer Genie searches for her dead lover in the afterlife

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Progress Report: Time, Insomnia and Mathematics

I can't believe that it's already a month since the campaign for Comeback started.

Well I can believe it. The rate time passes is capricious and contradictory - it simultaneously seems like only yesterday that the campaign was launched and quite a while ago now. Looking at the big picture of time and what I have done with my life the month itself passed quite swiftly, but the individual days lasted for ages.

Let's not get into some nights. Insomnia is as close to a method of freezing time as anything science has yet come up with. A sleepless night is the equivalent of falling towards the event horizon of a black hole. The sheer volume of thoughts experienced would fill a set of encyclopaedias... and then you turn over and discover it's still only two thirty in the morning.

In this instance though we do have the actual numbers to hand so can pin time down. After one month we're already 17 per cent of the way there. A few moments with a calculator reveals that if we keep it up at this rate we will end up reaching the target in less than six months. Nominally these campaigns are supposed to complete in three months, so it looks like I will have to step up my efforts at persuading people to put their faith in the book and pledge...

So if anyone reading this hasn't pledged yet, do please have a look at the excerpts and synopsis (not to mention the short story I posted in two updates over the past couple of weeks). If you like what you see why not consider pledging £10 and joining the increasing crowd of backers? We've already nearly got enough of you to fill a single decker bus so let's aim for a double decker - or even a bendy!

Of course some of you reading this will already have pledged - and I am still really pleased by how many of you have done so - thank you it means a lot! While you're here can I perhaps ask that you try and talk others into it too? I've done even more maths and come to the conclusion that if each of you managed to persuade just three people to pledge at the bottom level we'd suddenly be more than halfway there at one fell swoop! I've noticed that emailing - or even talking face to face - is the most effective way of engaging people's enthusiasm so if you could (along with the hopefully easy to remember link I'd be even more grateful to you than I already am.

When I started writing I always imagined that it would be Science Fiction - that did, after all, make up the bulk of what I enjoyed reading. And although I've had a handful of short SF stories published, when it came to writing stories about my other passion - the music industry - it turned out that Urban Fantasy was a much better fit. Not that I sat down and made a plan of what I was going to do - Comeback grew out of a writing exercise after which Genie wouldn't let me go until I'd finished telling her story.

Hopefully she'll hold your attention too until you've finished reading it.

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