Cold Water

By Jack Hudson

A swimmer's journey from London's wintry lidos to Iceland's Atlantic bays.

Monday, 8 May 2023

20% Funded & Picking Up Pace! :)

20% funded - that's an important milestone and it's all thanks to you!

Momentum is building. I'm excited to say the day this book hits shelves and your waiting hands gets closer every week. I can't wait for you to all get your copies and (hopefully) start filling your tubs with ice, plunging into chilly local waters and dragging as many of your friends with you as possible.

In the mean time, here are the 10 Best Swim Spots From 'Cold Water' - a few very picturesque warm water spots thrown in there too. :)

Thanks again to all of you! Please do spread the word and share the campaign link with anyone you think might be interested. Cold water therapy has been proven to improve your mood, reduce stress and expand creativity. Managed correctly, it's good and important for all of us!

Happy Swimming.

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