Cold Water

By Jack Hudson

A swimmer's journey from London's wintry lidos to Iceland's Atlantic bays.

Tuesday, 22 August 2023

100+ Supporters! We Breached The Next Big Milestone

Exciting news! 'Cold Water' has just hit 104 supporters, which means - like a big, blubbery humpback belly-flopping into the briny - we have breached that important 100-supporter milestone! I can't thank you enough for all your support and we've surfed onto some fantastic momentum now, so let's keep rolling on from 28% to 100% funded.

To celebrate, I'll be sharing some exclusive ice swimmer artwork next week ('Lynne Cox' created by my brother, Robbie). You can also learn more about the science of cold water immersion in my new blog Brown Fat: Your New Favourite Superhero. Also, don't forget to follow my other brother, Calum, on his latest swim across the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone - just off the western coast of Scotland (August 5th 2023). Spot the startled seal and sprawled lion's mane jellyfish!

Thanks again to all of you awesome folks out there for helping to make this Cold Water project a reality! Please do keep spreading the word and converting all your friends to the many benefits of getting outdoors and into chilly water.

Happy Swimming! :)


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