Cold Water

By Jack Hudson

A swimmer's journey from London's wintry lidos to Iceland's Atlantic bays.

Thursday, 22 June 2023

1/4-way Fully Funded! Cold Water Hits 25% :)

We've hit our first significant milestone - 25%! And I have to say this one feels pretty special. Writing a book is one thing, but funding one is a whole different ocean to thread your way across. It takes time, patience (can't thank you enough for that) and endurance. Now, since we're doing this together, I wanted to take this opportunity to say another massive thank you to everyone who has hopped into the current and joined us these past few months.

Momentum is shifting nicely behind us and I can't wait to share some of the early designs for our thermos flasks and exclusive 'Ice Swimmer' artwork soon. I'll also be working on edits of the main narrative and a new excerpt to include my brother's sub-5C Ice Mile at London's Brockwell Lido (affectionately referred to as Brixton Beach). There's a podcast I took part in and new article in Swim Magazine coming out soon as well, which I'll share on my social channels - I've tried to speak on a few of the benefits of cold water therapy, sharing personal stories to explain why so many are motivated to seek out this shiver-inducing pastime.

Meanwhile, here's a new video I just uploaded to YouTube - Perfect Day For A Swim! | Bondi Beach - now it's winter here in Sydney (where I'm based) and the humpback whales are making mighty splashes in the bay as they pass on their migration to warmer waters. 

Thanks again to all of you for your support! Please do spread the word and share the campaign link with anyone you can think of:

Hopefully we'll be using these updates like stepping stones and hopping on to 100% in no time. :)

Happy Swimming!

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