Cold Dawn

By James Ellson

The second crime novel in the critically acclaimed DCI Rick Castle series

Thursday, 1 April 2021

We're off!

Dear Supporters

The BH weekend is upon us. Lockdown is easing, we’ve had a couple of days of warm weather, and our ducks have laid their first egg in six months!

                A HUGE thank you for supporting Cold Dawn. The book has reached 19% funding in the first ten days which is a great start.

I chose the title for two reasons:

Firstly, Nepal has some of the most beautiful dawns I’ve experienced. Sunshine striking high summits, and porters and Sherpas congregating on the best rock to catch the first of the day’s warmth.

In addition, Cold Dawn has a sense of revelation. A revelation or revelations which do not look good for DCI Castle and his investigation.

Please share the link with anyone you think might be interested.

Have a great Easter.


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