Cold Dawn

By James Ellson

The second crime novel in the critically acclaimed DCI Rick Castle series

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Prisoner Productions

Dear Supporters

A MASSIVE thank you for supporting Cold Dawn. Over the weekend we reached halfway, and we’re now at 53%. I’ve had some fantastic messages both from supporters of The Trail, and new supporters.

I expect most of you have been watching Line of Duty. Mother of God, what a programme!

                Absolute rhubarb of course. However, the prisoner production in the finale (which the OCG used to try to capture Jo Davidson) is a legitimate police tactic. In certain circumstances (eg to minimise loss or harm to the public) it can be used to produce an accused from prison and re-interview them at a police station.

                I couldn’t possibly confirm whether there will, or won’t be, a prisoner production in Cold Dawn!

TALKS . . .

                There’s still a long way to go on funding Cold Dawn – maybe you can help? One of the pledges is a talk to a book group (or any kind of group, eg Probus, WI, school, college, workplace, cub scout troop, tiddlywinks club, etc) so if you are a member of a group, or know someone who is, please send them the link to Cold Dawn, or put them in touch.

                My talks (online or in person) include Cops & Notebooks (my twin careers of detective and writer); and Sustainability (a talk based on our smallholding, and including tips on eating and living more sustainably).

Very Kind Regards


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