Cold Dawn

By James Ellson

The second crime novel in the critically acclaimed DCI Rick Castle series

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Cover Reveal

Dear Supporters

Finally, I’ve come up for air!

I’ve been editing the manuscript for Cold Dawn following a long document of ‘suggestions’ from my brilliant editor, Eve Seymour. I’ve moved stuff around, and written half a dozen chapters of new material, adding 15,000 words. I cut a similar amount. And then I cut another 2,000.

The result is tighter and (even!) pacier.

The manuscript now goes back to Eve for further comment (and subsequent amendment by me), before being sent to the copyeditor.


While I’ve been editing, the cover has been finalised – see below. I think it’s fab, especially the trilling prayer-flags and footsteps in the snow.

                Today, to you, is its official launch!


The unsettling time of Covid continues. I hope you and your loved ones have not suffered too badly, and I wish you the very best season’s greetings.


James X

PS You’re very welcome to share the cover with friends, social media etc.



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