By Stevyn Colgan

Two aristocrats. One fortune. A geriatric circus. A tale of greed, deceit and incontinent elephants.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Level Up!

Hi lovely pledgers

Now then, I've had a number of people query the fact that, unlike my previous books, Cockerings didn't come with a signed book pledge level. There were several reasons for this: 

Firstly it's because I chose to publish on Unbound's Digital List as opposed to their Main List. As the vast majority of my books sell via online stores (and a lot of them as e-books) it means that I can vastly reduce the amount I have to raise by crowdfunding by not having the books go out to bookshops. Yes, of course I'd LOVE them to be in bookshops! There's no better feeling for an author than seeing them on a shelf. But that kind of distribution costs and, being frank, funding has been very slow on this latest book.

All of which leads us to the second reason - as most books are sold online, there's no facility to sign them. Therefore, the Digital List doesn't usually have a 'signed book' level.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

HOWEVER, after some discussion with Unbound, they've agreed to allow it for this book because (a) it's the third book in the series and many of you lovely pledgers bought the first two books at signed book level and want to complete your sets, (b) because I am close enough to London that I can pop in to the Unbound offices to sign them and save a small fortune in couriers and parcel post, and (c) because Cockerings will very probably be my last Unbound book. It's my sixth book with them (or seventh if you count the fact I co-wrote Saving Bletchley Park with Prof Sue Black OBE) and crowdfunding has worn me out. I reckon I've probably also exhausted the goodwill of friends, family and colleagues too, gawd bless 'em every one. Unbound have very kindly allowed me this one last concession, which is a perfect example of why I love working with them and will miss them when I've moved on.

So, there's now a SIGNED BOOK LEVEL! So, if you want one, just upgrade from your existing pledge.


I've also added two brand new pledge levels!

I'm offering six people the chance to name a character in Cockerings and, as you know, I always weave the characters into the books and they become part of the cast and may even feature in future novels.

PLUS I'm offering you the chance to create a circus act! The plot of Cockerings partly revolves around a tatty, threadbare circus slowly plodding towards its own demise and populated by an equally aged and decrepit troupe of performers. Benelli's Circus features crumbling tumblers, arthritic acrobats, rheumatic rubber men and incontinent elephants. I'm inviting you to create an act for Benelli's Circus. And not only will they appear in the book, but I will draw them for you! You'll be sent a one-of-a-kind bespoke pen and ink portrait of your circus performers.

That's not too shabby a level is it?


When the book hits 50% funded I'll be running a competition only for subscribers to win MP3 CD copies of the audiobooks of both A Murder To Die For and The Diablolical Club (both read by Rula Lenska) and worth around £60!

But pledgers only!

You have to be in it to win it!



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