By Stevyn Colgan

Two aristocrats. One fortune. A geriatric circus. A tale of greed, deceit and incontinent elephants.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Hello! Remember me?

Blimey. It seems like an eternity since my last update. But, frankly, there's been very little to report. Behind the scenes, Cockerings has been going through structural and copy edits and has now been returned to Unbound Central for final proofing and typesetting. Work is in progress on the cover and we now have a publication date - August 19th. Books always have a fairly long development life from conception to birth but this one (like all books) has been further delayed by the pandemic. Unbound have had to operate with a skeleton crew working from home, and the designers, distributors, printers and storage people have had similar delays and are still playing catch-up. But the end is in sight!

Meanwhile, I've been keeping busy on other projects - both literary and artistic. The We'd Like a Word writers and readers podcast that I co-host with fellow Unbounder Paul Waters, goes from strength to strength. Over the course of nearly 40 episodes we've featured writers as diverse as Graham Norton, Will Dean, David Leach, Denise Mina, Anthony Horowitz, Peter May, Kritika Pandey, Joel Morris, Mary Jane Baker, Tony Kent and many more. We've talked about poetry, comics, science writing, romcoms, crime fiction, world building and much more with authors all over the UK and in India, New Zealand, Ireland and the USA. We've also featured book promoters, commissining editors and audiobook narrators. Find us on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else good podcasts are hosted. And our website is here

I've also been creating a lockdown community arts project called The Monster Zoo, which has just received national recognition after being chosen by Grayson and Philippa Perry to appear on Channel 4's Grayson's Art Club. The show went out last Friday but you can catch it on More4. It was something of a treat to appear on the same show as Banksy, actor and art-lover Russell Tovey, comedian Holly Walsh, land artist Andy Goldsworthy, and the extraordinary disability campaigner and artist Becky 'EyeGazeGirl' Tyler. 

More news and a cover reveal as soon as I can! 

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