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Two aristocrats. One fortune. A geriatric circus. A tale of greed, deceit and incontinent elephants.

Monday, 25 November 2019


It was gratifying to see a big flurry of entries for the 'Halfway there' competition. It shows that someone reads these updates! :)

That said, there can only be one winner and the name that came out of the deerstalker was ... Liz Wooldridge.

Congratulations Liz, I'll get your prize off to you.

Now, the answers.

I asked you to search my blog and tell me ...

1. What was the name of Stan Parker's puppet circus?

2. Who committed the Denham Massacre?

3. What was the name of my old art teacher who died in November 2018?

4. What is the name of the fictional brand of cigarettes I wrote about in April 2018?

5. What was the name of the photographer who inspired the back story for my fictional crime author, AgnesCrabbe?

The answers were:

1. Stanelli's.

2. John Owen.

3. Jim Tinley.

4. Morleys.

5. Vivian Maier.

Well done if you got them all right and thanks for entering. And I hope you enjoyed reading some bits of my blog. 

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Liz Wooldridge
 Liz Wooldridge says:

Thank you!

posted 25th November 2019

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