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This is a Thinkers50 + Unbound project.

Thinkers50 + Unbound is an exciting new publishing imprint providing leaders with the means to bring their ideas to life in book form.

“Coaching is multi-faceted, subtle and yet hugely powerful. It can change lives and careers. Marshall Goldsmith and Scott Osman are at the centre of the world’s greatest network of coaches. Coaching@Work is as inspirational as it is important.” - Thinkers50 on Coaching@Work

A few years ago, Marshall Goldsmith attended a program led by the designer Ayse Birsel. It was called Design the Life You Love. Participants were asked to write down the names of their heroes. Goldsmith wrote Frances Hesselbein (former CEO of the Girl Scouts and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom), Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford), Dr. Jim Kim (President of the World Bank), Peter Drucker (founder of modern management), Paul Hersey (author, teacher, and a personal mentor to Goldsmith), and the leadership thinker Warren Bennis. Next Birsel asked what made people think of them as heroes. Goldsmith wrote that they were all “great teachers” and “very generous”. Birsel then challenged participants to “be more like them” in designing the lives we love.

From this, Marshall Goldsmith came up with the idea to teach 15 people everything he knows at no charge. In return, these 15 would “pay it forward” by doing the same thing for 15 others, for free. He made a 30-second video about the project for LinkedIn which became the most widely viewed video in LinkedIn history. The project mushroomed into 100 Coaches – for which more than 16,000 people applied.

100 Coaches is a who’s who of the world of leadership and coaching. Its members include influential practitioners as well as some of the world’s leading thinkers. They include Frances Hesselbein, Alan Mulally, Jim Kim, Alex Osterwalder, Rita McGrath, Herminia Ibarra, Whitney Johnson, Liz Wiseman, Martin Lindstrom, Tammy Erickson, Stew Friedman, Gianpiero Petriglieri, David Burkus, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Deepa Prahalad, and Hal Gregersen.

Coaching@Work offers unique insights into the experience, wisdom and best practice of many of the 100 Coaches now working with Marshall Goldsmith. Contributors will include:
Alex Osterwalder
Asheesh Advani
Liz Wiseman
Whitney Johnson
Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
David Burkus
Hal Gregersen
Herminia Ibarra
Rita McGrath
Stew Friedman
Tammy Erickson
Deepa Prahalad
Gianpiero Petriglieri

It features 50 short, accessible contributions on the theme of coaching. It is a book to be referred to, dipped into, and stored for practical inspiration.

Coaching@Work is curated by Marshall Goldsmith and Scott Osman, the CEO of 100 Coaches.

Marshall Goldsmith
has been described as the world’s number one executive coach. He is the
recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Thinkers50 for his
contribution to coaching and leadership. His bestselling books include How Women Rise (with Sally Helgesen), Triggers (with Mark
Reiter), What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (with Mark Reiter)
and Mojo (with Mark Reiter).

Scott Osman
is CEO of the 100 Coaches project and director of Good Omen Partners.
Previously he served as the key innovator and global director of the
Purpose Strategy practice at Landor Associates.

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Thinkers50 + Unbound is an exciting new publishing imprint providing leaders with the means to bring their ideas to life in book form. Thinkers50 is the world's most reliable resource for identifying, ranking, and sharing the leading management ideas of our age. Our mission is to provide innovative access to powerful business and management ideas - ideas that will make the world a better place.