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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thank you

To the wonderful people who have got the ball rolling,

A huge thank you for supporting my book! It is only day 3, and already 34 people have put their faith and money into Cleverlands.

I launched the project on Friday at the Sunday Times Education Festival where I was speaking about education in Finland, Japan and Singapore. As I was speaking for just half an hour, I had only 10 minutes to paint a picture of each system - no mean feat! Luckily the talk was popular, and I had people stopping me for the rest of the day to say how much they'd enjoyed it and to ask further questions.

Through persistence and luck, I also managed to get my video shown on the big screen between talks by Sir Ken Robinson and Prof Carol Dweck (for those not in education - these guys are education superstars). A friend in the audience subsequently tweeted me to say she'd overheard the people behind her saying,

"Written a book? She looks about 12!"

"Perhaps", I replied, "but that's how I managed to spend so much time in classrooms unnoticed.."



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Steve Woodward
 Steve Woodward says:

I really want this book to be published. The teachers who inspired me when I was learning varied wildly in teaching style and character, and used whatever was current pedagogic theory to their own ends. I was in teaching for forty years; I wasn't a particularly good teacher, but the colleagues I admired managed to get the best out of their students no matter what was being imposed on them from above. If "Cleverlands" can even hint at the mechanics of why learners succeed, it will become compulsory reading - except, obviously, for the teachers who already know.

posted 22nd June 2015

Lucy Crehan
 Lucy Crehan says:

Steve, I've only just come across your comment - you must think me so rude to have not replied for a month! I'm so sorry, especially as your comment is such a generous one. Thank you, and I hope (and will do my best to ensure that) the book lives up to your expectations.


posted 22nd July 2015

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