Clangers: The Complete Scripts 1969-1974

By Oliver Postgate and Daniel Postgate

The ultimate gift for Clangers fans: the entire scripts of the much-loved TV hit show of the 1970s.

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

The Clanger has landed ...

Dear Pledgers

Well, the Clanger Script book has been done and dusted and now is with you all, or on its way.
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support. I sincerely hope the book brings you some pleasure during the dark winter evenings ahead and perhaps it will help to rustle up precious memories of those halcyon days of yore.
Many thanks again, Best Wishes

Dan Postgate


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Alastair Monk
 Alastair Monk says:

Received mine this morning! The Soup Dragon is very happy!

posted 10th November 2022

Rae Streets
 Rae Streets says:

Thank you! It's a delight--even more beautiful than anticipated!
Just picture me bouncing up and down like a joyful froglet.

posted 10th November 2022

Rosalind Stern
 Rosalind Stern says:

My two copies arrived this morning. One for a friend. Its a beautiful book. Thank you.

posted 10th November 2022

Sytske Kamstra
 Sytske Kamstra says:

Two copies arrived, with the wrong names. Who do I contact?

posted 10th November 2022

Yvonne Crocker
 Yvonne Crocker says:

Hi , I got my lovely Book this week. Just one question about the Cover. When I pledged originally, it had a Pink Cover as a first edition . Was it changed before publication or should I have got a different one.?

posted 10th November 2022

Elizabeth Robinson
 Elizabeth Robinson says:

I would just like to say thank you, I received my copy today. It is gorgeous, a perfect size for perusing through the pages.
Thank you so much.

posted 10th November 2022

Sarah Dyer
 Sarah Dyer says:

Thank you so much, arrived this morning and it's beautiful. So excited to have been part of this with everyone.

posted 10th November 2022

Jan Goffey
 Jan Goffey says:

Hope mine comes soon. Baby Clanger is sitting on my desk, waiting!

posted 10th November 2022

Wilcox Simon
 Wilcox Simon says:

Mine arrived today and I'm not gonna lie, I am very misty eyed with nostalgia.
It's everything I'd hoped for and then some.
Congratulations and thank you to all involved.

posted 10th November 2022

Nigel Welham
 Nigel Welham says:

Hi. Was the recipient name meant to be on a nameplate in the book? As Sytske mentioned above?

posted 10th November 2022

Philip Jenkins
 Philip Jenkins says:

This has made my day. How wonderful to have something to distract from everything else on offer. Thank you so much.

posted 10th November 2022

Adrian Clark
 Adrian Clark says:

Only had a quick look, as it's officially a present for my other half (he says, with clear ulterior motive) but it looks absolutely lovely. Fantastic work, Dan.

posted 10th November 2022

Stephen Usins Yeardley
 Stephen Usins Yeardley says:

Hi Unbounders! Is there any further news about when the Merchandise Set and book reward level will be delivered, please? Thanks in advance for your help. Stephen

posted 16th November 2022

susan ord
 susan ord says:

Hi, My book hasn't arrived: can you tell me the courier and tracking number please?

posted 20th November 2022

Chris Lodge
 Chris Lodge says:

Still awaiting my merchandise set and book reward level too.
The soup dragon is most cross!

posted 30th November 2022

Simon Haslam
 Simon Haslam says:

Ha - Chris, I just came on to say the same - so that suggests there is some delay with the extra contents!

posted 2nd December 2022

Stephen Usins Yeardley
 Stephen Usins Yeardley says:

Chris, Simon - when I asked the same question on the 16th November there were two items outstanding - postcards and t-shirt - and the hope was to get the parcel out "in the next week," i.e. last week, so I've asked the question again and we may get a further update in the next couple of days.

posted 4th December 2022

Unbound Support
 Unbound Support says:

Hi All,

Fantastic to hear so many of you have received your rewards. We are experiencing some significant delays in our warehouse due to the peak period. Your rewards have all arrived there and we're chasing the dispatch partner for an update on when they will be sent out. We're very sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience.

Best wishes,

Unbound Support

posted 5th December 2022

Simon Haslam
 Simon Haslam says:

Sadly, still not received mine -checked with the tracking data on this site, and it says handed to Royal Mail on December 7th - and still not arrived. Sad face

posted 5th January 2023

Simon Haslam
 Simon Haslam says:

I'm getting very upset - tracking says handed to Royal Mail on 7 December; with no update since. And no delivery of book or merchandise to my home. What do I do now - this is the first delivery from unbound I have had an issue with.

posted 7th February 2023

Unbound Support
 Unbound Support says:

Hi Simon,

Please do contact us at so we can look into this for you.

Best wishes,


posted 10th February 2023

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