Clangers: The Complete Scripts 1969-1974

By Oliver Postgate and Daniel Postgate

The ultimate gift for Clangers fans: the entire scripts of the much-loved TV hit show of the 1970s.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Blue Planet News ..

Hello everybody. Just a note to let you know how the Clanger Script book is coming along. We have some lovely introductory contributions from national treasure Michael Palin; stargazer extraordinaire Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Smallfilms scholar Dr Chris Pallant. 
       I've been hard at work banging out introductions for each of the episodes as well as reminiscences of the production itself, and the Unbound team have been down to Canterbury Museum to snap some exclusive photos of the original Clangers and the rest of the cast. Also, after a certain amount of rummaging about, I'm pleased and relieved to announce the original script of Vote for Froglet has been unearthed and will be included in all its slightly hazy 1970s typewriter-ink glory.
      The Unbound design department is getting the look all sorted out and we'll be posting up a sneak-peek just as soon as possible. We're aiming to get the book out in November barring any delays, but I'll keep you updated along the way. So all is on schedule and the countdown has begun! Thanks for your patience. 

Dan Postgate cse

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Ruth Jones
 Ruth Jones says:

Thanks for the update - very exciting! And it's my birthday in November!

posted 6th May 2022

Gaynor Maher
 Gaynor Maher says:

Sounds fantastic! And in time for Christmas!

posted 6th May 2022

Gillian Hanhart
 Gillian Hanhart says:

Thanks for the update - looking forward to seeing the book. All the best, Gillian

posted 6th May 2022

Stephan Work
 Stephan Work says:

Very exciting all the best

posted 6th May 2022

Jacqueline Woods-Wilford
 Jacqueline Woods-Wilford says:

That’s great! And Christmas present for my husband sorted!

posted 6th May 2022

Neal Rollason
 Neal Rollason says:

Ooohhhh. Looks like a birthday present to me as my birthday is in November. Thanks for keeping us updated. Must remember to change my address when I move. Thanks again. N

posted 6th May 2022

Philip Jenkins
 Philip Jenkins says:

can't wait.

posted 6th May 2022

Yvonne Crocker
 Yvonne Crocker says:

Thanks for the update. Really excited about this.

posted 6th May 2022

Drew Ratter
 Drew Ratter says:

Thanks for that-had actually forgotten about this. Now looking forward to it!

posted 6th May 2022

Chris Lodge
 Chris Lodge says:

The froglets are so excited!

posted 6th May 2022

Gina Anderson-Besant
 Gina Anderson-Besant says:

Can’t wait!

posted 6th May 2022

Karen Dawson
 Karen Dawson says:

I’m so excited. Clangers was always my favourite show as a child- can’t wait!!

posted 6th May 2022

Andre Czausov
 Andre Czausov says:

We never had the TV show here in Australia (much to my chagrin), but as a child I became a big fan reading the picture books and annuals which thankfully did travel over. Excited to hear about the book coming along, sounds fantastic.

posted 7th May 2022

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