Chinatown Stories

By Freya Aitken-Turff and Xiao Ma

The rich history of London’s most iconic cultural district

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

We're almost 20% funded!

Fortune has shone on Chinatown Stories this month - we’ve welcomed new supporters to the special group of people making this project happen. Thank you to all of you. 

We’ve also uncovered two new stories to explore - last week we interviewed a woman whose parents opened some of the first Chinese businesses in Soho including the shop and restaurant where she worked in the 1960s. She came armed with photos and newspaper clippings that helped us understand more about these extraordinary people. Separately, a member of the public who heard about the work China Exchange (the charity where we work) has done to gain recognition for the contribution of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) to WWI donated four photographs of CLC members that were found in a family member’s effects. The photos come with very little detail but contain clues about who the men were that we’ll enjoy trying to solve. 

We also welcomed a familiar face who is joining you as a supporter of the project  - chef, writer, TV presenter and Chinatown hero, Ken Hom. Here we are with him at the start of last week getting his endorsement for the project.

For the next month, we’re working on securing more supporters and finding out more about the stories of Chinatown's hidden noodle factory and Ronnie Scott's "old place" on Gerrard Street. Freya will be in China and Xiao will be in Chinatown.

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