Introducing Nova

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I am delighted to formerly introduce you to Nova...

Nova is my butterfly loving heroine and the star of my picture book.  She is a fun loving, free spirited little girl with one goal in mind, to catch a butterfly!

I have some fun facts for you about Nova:-

  • When I was researching names for my little heroine I came across the name Nova, which is said to actually mean 'Chasing Butterflies' in Native American.  Unfortunately this is actually a myth!  However, I loved the name so much I kept it anyway!
  • In Latin the meaning of the name Nova is: New; young which makes me think of butterflies too!
  • In astronomy Nova is a star that suddenly increases dramatically in brightness then fades back to its original intensity.  I think we all experience this feeling from time to time, sometimes we all have a little extra sparkle!
  • Nova is chasing her dream of catching a butterfly in the story.  She is teaching us to live in the moment and always chase our dreams no matter what life throws at us.


I am also delighted to introduce you to Anastasia from Dododolls.  Anastasia is a professional doll artist and creates the most beautiful art dolls.  Her dolls are extremely sought after and collectable.  This particular doll is a ball jointed doll and fully articulated.  Anastasia has customised the doll especially for the book and their will never be another one quite like her.  Anastasia really has brought Nova to life!  Nova is our top tier reward and I would absolutely love it if she found the perfect home with someone who can really relate to 'Chasing Butterflies'.  I really wanted the chance to collaborate with other makers and create beautiful and high quality rewards to compliment my story.  Something unique that you just wouldn't find anywhere else.

You can find out more about Dododolls here.

I do hope you are enjoying my updates.  I shall be introducing you to Nova's little sidekick in the next post.

Live your dreams,

Zoe and Nova xx


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