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Monday, 15 May 2017

I am super delighted to say Nova and I have almost reached the 20% funding milestone for 'Chasing Butterflies' but we still have such a long way to go. We would absolutely love to quickly reach 25% funded so we can say we are a quarter of the way there, it would be such a wonderful achievement.  However I really do need your help to share the project and help get Chasing Butterflies out into the world as much as we can.  I do so appreciate all the support you have given me so far and in return I have a little gift for you.

A lovely little Nova colouring in sheet which you can download here.  I do hope you enjoy the colouring in sheet and I plan to release some more of these colouring in and activity sheets for you to have fun with as I hit each milestone.  So as an added bonus when I hit 25% funded I'll create another activity sheet for you.  I really can't wait as I love sharing these with you already!

In other news I have been squirrelled away in the studio for the last couple of weeks and as I have had a bit of quiet time I have been working on some more Nova artwork for the book.  Here is a little sneak peek at some illustrations below.  If you follow me on facebook you may have seen these pop up already!


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I will also pop my Nova colouring in sheet in this months newsletter which you can sign up to here:-

Thanks again for all your support.  You are all amazing and I will be in touch with more updates and hopefully another free activity sheet soon.

Much butterfly love,


Zoe and Nova. Xx


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