Change Everything

By Natalie Bennett

Common Sense Politics for the Age of Shocks.

Monday, 24 April 2023

Change Everything: now with Unbound!

The day I moved out of home as a 19-year-old student, I was stripping the cover off my duvet at home when my mother and I looked at each other and simultaneously burst into tears. Transitions are emotional - and hitting "send" on the email of my final draft of Change Everything to Unbound was a big moment. I didn't burst into tears, but went out with friends for dinner to celebrate.

The next adjustment I'll have to make is to the pace of book publishing, as for most of my writing life I've been on daily or weekly newspapers, where publication is virtually instant. I'm going to have to work on my patience, and acknowledge that, as I wrote for the European Green Journal recently, given stability is unlikely to break out in British politics any time soon, I have no idea of the political circumstances into which Change Everything will emerge.

But still, as I travel the country, and beyond, I'm spreading the word. This morning I did a tour of Extinction Rebellion pickets of Westminster government departments. Next weekend I'll be at a Basic Income Movement conference (UBI being central to the book) in Sheffield, and next month in Brussels for the European Parliament Beyond Growth conference. The participation of the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, will be a demonstration of the hunger for new solutions to our polycrises across the political spectrum.

I am delighted that supporters are still signing up, and can still get their name inside the covers. Please do share the word about it with anyone you think might be interested.

I hope you're also managing to get in some reading time. I used a recent train journey to whip through Tim Spector's Spoon Fed: Why Almost Everything We've Been Told About Food is Wrong. Those are issues at the heart of Change Everything, how corporate interests and industrial methods have broken our food system.

I was also lucky enough to get to see the brilliant Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition in Paris. If you can't make that, an excellent book, Songlines: The Power and the Promise, would be a good substitute. Oral traditions have preserved knowledge for tens of thousands of years. That's a huge diversity of human perspectives. It is worth reflecting that the oldest continuous written traditions have thus far only survived around 2,500.

But an immediate event, local government elections in England and Northern Ireland on 4th May are now at the forefront of my mind, and activities. Don't forget to take your ID to the polling station, so you aren't deprived of your vote!

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