Change Everything

By Natalie Bennett

Common Sense Politics for the Age of Shocks.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Change Everything is about science-informed politics: we need it!

As I write 311 people have pre-bought their copy of Change Everything: Common Sense Politics for the Age of Shocks, and thank you very much for being one of them.

Collectively, we're more than halfway to getting the book funded, to getting editing started. All we've got to do now is get the second half of the money.

To hopefully help that along, and inspired by a very frustrating week in the House of Lords last week, when the Genetic Technology, so-called Precision Breeding (oh no it is not) Bill went through essentially unamended, I've just launched a second video setting out another key element of the Change Everything, the bringing of 21st-century scientific understandings - of ecology, genetics and epigenetics, systems theory and much more - into the political world.

You can share it from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, which would be a great help in getting out the word about Change Everything.Or perhaps share this email with someone who might be interested?

As was all too painfully evident in last week's debate, the reductionist, "find a silver bullet" approach to managing our world still continues to be the dominant one in government understanding. That has got us where we are today, with the world’s soils in a parlous state, the planet’s capacity of geochemical flows exceeded, biodiversity in a state of collapse and public health exceedingly poor even, or especially, in the wealthiest nations.

Change Everything, as does all truly Green politics, has at its heart the understanding that societies must work with natural systems, be part of natural systems. We are animals, every breathe we take, every calorie we eat, depends on nature. 

Building that understanding is a key part of my work. Thank you for being part of it! 

(Should you really want to get into the weeds, you can read Hansard's record of the Bill debate here).

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