Change Everything

By Natalie Bennett

Common Sense Politics for the Age of Shocks.

Monday, 14 August 2023

Big News for Change Everything - now "How we can rethink, repair and rebuild society"

The House of Lords rose on July 26, so I've been able to turn my attention back to Change Everything. It's not that nothing has been happening while I was battling through the horrors of the Illegal Migration Act and the Levelling Up Bill; the structural editor had been hard at work.

And I was delighted with the editor's overview comment: "It’s a powerful, uplifting call to action, and as
described, absolute common sense.There were parts where I felt my heart soaring in my chest"

She didn't suggest any major changes. The outline you can read on the website is still the structure.

But in discussions with the Unbound editor since, we have come to a major change, to the title. "Change Everything" stays; that still I think sums up the book very well. But after much email to-and-fro we've arrived at a new subtitle: "How we can rethink, repair and rebuild society". I hope you like it! 

And the structural editor still had plenty of constructive, useful suggestions to make, so my first two weeks of August were revise editing time. One run through checking all the comments and suggested changes, then a second trying to consider it as a reader, polishing every phrase, every paragraph as best I can. It's a bit of a shock for a professional journalist used to writing an article, handing it over to the subs, then turning to a new subject. But satisfying.

I've now completed that and handed back the manuscript. (Can't help thinking what a slog this would have been in pre-computer days!) And now exciting progress is in hand. We've scheduled a meeting to discuss promotion, the final cover and other steps towards publication. 

So now's a great time to share news about the book if you could. Anyone can still be part of it, getting their name inside the covers and pre-buying it for from £10 for the e-book and upwards. If you could perhaps email this to a friend who might be interested? Or share the link on social media

The more people we have on board, the more we can hit the bookshops with a splash. 

For me, now I've had the chance to enjoy a long country walk or two, and some great New Books Network podcasts, covering a wide range of subjects, from the environmental history of medieval fisheries, to the story of the toxic waste ship thje Khian Sea from 1986. There's certainly plenty of reasons to change everything about the way our societies work.

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Georgina Wright
 Georgina Wright says:

Great work, Natalie, and think there is a lot of sense in new subtitle and reflects a desire to repair and rethink. Have been reviewing and editing my novel and think it is a good focus to review as a reader. I read aloud and record. Find this helps pick up flow and continuity. Really looking forward to the launch.

posted 14th August 2023

Natalie Bennett
 Natalie Bennett says:

Thanks Georgina, glad you like it. Good idea on recording and listening back. Best of luck with your novel!

posted 18th August 2023

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