Celebs at Home

By Andy Bush

A collection of cartoons by Absolute Radio presenter

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Where we're at! Update

Hello my lovely backers,
Sorry its been a while since my last update - we’ve got a baby due ANY DAY so it’s been battle stations in the Bush household for the past few weeks!
I’ve had a few questions recently from you guys about the status of the book so here’s a quick recap of where we’re at...
Celebs at Home has been funded through your amazing support and I’ve submitted all of the completed pictures to the publishers, Unbound - (some you’ve seen, some new ones you haven’t)

I’m honoured to say that Mel Giedroyc, my lovely friend and partner in crime on Saturday afternoons (1-3pm Magic Radio - podcast available NOW!) has kindly agreed to do the foreword for the book, which will be amazing. This is hugely appreciated as she is a very busy lady - soon to be appearing in Company at the Gielgud Theatre from September 26th - get tickets and I’ll see you there (I’m going to be sat at the front like DeNiro in Cape Fear)

The publishers have told me that we made the cut too late to be in the shops Dec this year, so Celebs at Home will be in stores Dec ’19 - but being part of the inner sanctum you guys will get your copies Autumn ’19 ahead of general release.
Between now and then I’m sitting down with the publishers to start completing the pledge fulfilment (you lucky people who I’m making a chilli for, booze up, posters, t-shirts etc) and we will be in touch with you all individually.

So once again thank you so much for your support, I promise you’ll love the book when it arrives and any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

(@bushontheradio twitter)


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Paul Bellamy
 Paul Bellamy says:

Well done bush keep up the good work.
If there's any of the chilli left over when you cook it would you pop some in a little container for me then drop it off at mine?
Cheers bush x

posted 23rd August 2018

Paul Bellamy
 Paul Bellamy says:

Keep up the good work bush.
If there's any chilli left over can you pop some in a container for me and drop it round to mine?
Cheers bush

posted 23rd August 2018

Dona Skaife
 Dona Skaife says:

Hey Bush,

Just remembered to check in on progress, is it still on track for Autumn 19

posted 17th May 2019

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