Celebs at Home

By Andy Bush

A collection of cartoons by Absolute Radio presenter

Friday, 2 March 2018

So what Happens Next?

Firstly can I just say THANKYOU again to all of you for backing the book, there have been a load of points during the process of getting it funded where I thought it was never going to happen, so without your support I'd be nothing - you have my enduring loyalty for getting involved. I'm now in a process of selecting the pictures that'll make the finished product, making some tweaks to images and finalising the running order. I am also in the process of drawing a final few celebs to add in to the completed package. As I write this I'm sat in a Soho cafe sorting the ultimate cut for the pictures, and if I may say so myself - it's going to look awesome! After the book is hammered into shape I'm going to move onto pldege fulfillment, I've got some awesome prints to send out, a booze up to organise and some people's dinner to cook. I'll be in touch with you all over the next few weeks to get this sorted. Mad for it. More soon, and thanks again xx 



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Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

Looking forward to the finished article.
Don't let the snow stop you.

posted 2nd March 2018

Andy Crawford
 Andy Crawford says:

Crack on then ;->

posted 2nd March 2018

Gary Beattie
 Gary Beattie says:

Thanks Andy,
Looking forward to my tour of 1 Golden Square!

posted 2nd March 2018

Lyn McCormack
 Lyn McCormack says:

This is fantastic news.. I really look forward to receiving the book x

posted 2nd March 2018

Steven Beckett
 Steven Beckett says:

See you at the Boatyard Leigh on Sea for the launch party :-)
Cant wait Bush

posted 2nd March 2018

Samantha Gray
 Samantha Gray says:

Exciting news indeed! Never doubted you and I am sure the finished article will be a real treasure. Can't wait to see the sketch you draw especially for me of The Rolling Stones making school packed lunches for their kids!
Congratulations. Sam Gray x

posted 2nd March 2018

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