Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hello backer! Thankyou so much for being a supporter of Celebs at Home, I really appreciate it and I promise you will love the finished product - who wouldn't want a book on their coffee table that features Elton John searching down the back of his couch for change? We're nearly 50% funded and I'm hoping that this second half will be easier to drum up support - I feel bad pestering people to pledge so I guess the plan from here is trying to do different stuff on Twitter and the show to try and keep Celebs at Home in the public eye. Can I ask a favour? If you could take 2 minutes to mention the book to one friend I would love you forever - just a recommendation that it might be a good thing to support and who knows maybe they'll back it too and we'll get a step closer to making this thing happen. So, thankyou for the support so far and hopefully that book will land on your doorstep soon. Bush x 

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Getting ready for print
Publication date: Autumn 2019
106% funded
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