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Girls, Girls, Girls

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hello dear backers - just a quick note to metaphorically release some doves as the book has hit a superb 62% funded! Thanks to everyone who’s been there from the start and a warm embrace to the ‘newbies’.


Thankyou also for your excellent celeb at home scenario ideas - if you happen to find yourself doing a really mundane household chore and stop to wonder if someone famous like Sting has to do it - that’s EXACTLY what I’m after. A few people have quite rightly pointed out that there aren’t many women featured in the pictures - I can say hand on heart this is my bad, as I find women incredibly hard to draw, but I’m going to double my efforts and draw some female Celebs - suggestions always welcome!


I genuinely feel like we’re on the home straight with this, I appreciate you getting involved - I know the idea of crowdfunding a book is a bit weird and a bit of a commitment but I promise once you get the finished product you’ll be well chuffed. As ever - I would be forever in your debt if you spread the word and let people know, every pledge takes us closer to the finish line!


Here’s Sharon off Eastenders:





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Claire Moylan-Woolams
Claire Moylan-Woolams says:

Josh Homme emptying Lola’s litter tray. Lola is a cat, my ginger cat.

December 09, 2017

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