Celebs at Home

By Andy Bush

A collection of cartoons by Absolute Radio presenter

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Beyond Half Way!

Hey all just a quick update to say how excited I am that we are beyond the half way stage. A few months ago the thought of being 52% funded seemed a million miles away, but together we are getting there bit by bit. The recent progress has got me thinking of picture ideas too - so if you have any suggestions for Celebs in household situation combinations drop me a line and I'll draw em - maybe they'll end up in the book! Thankyou again for your amazing support it means a hell of a lot to me and I promise you will love the book. If you get the chance to recommend the book / project to a friend or collegaue I'd be forever in your debt. All the best,




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John Brooks
 John Brooks says:

Well done Andy. I think I may have suggested this before but I would love to see a picture of Sam L Jackson putting his clocks forward and hour. Not back, but forward. You should never turn a clock back

posted 14th November 2017

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