Carpe Diem Regained

By Roman Krznaric

The Vanishing Art of Seizing the Day

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Do you have a friend in America?

So have you all been carping the diem? I've been doing my best, at least on behalf of the book, having just returned from a book tour launching the Dutch edition of Carpe Diem Regained. Amongst the great trials I endured was filming for a TV show where I had to talk about the philosophy of hedonism while having a Chinese foot massage in Amsterdam's red light district...I also wrote an essay about hedonism for the wonderful Aeon magazine.

In other news, one reader sent me a real Dice of Death he had made (see photo), based on the six ways of thinking about death I describe in Chapter 2. I've been rolling it daily to help me think about what my next book should be about.

There are two further things I should mention. Or rather, questions I'd like to ask.


The US edition of the book comes out today. The title is slightly different - Carpe Diem: Seizing the Day in a Distracted World. But otherwise it's exactly the same book.

I'd be hugely grateful if you could do me a big favour: email two friends in the US and tell them why they've just got to get the new book by the Australian philosopher with the unpronouncable name. Here's the Amazon US link to send them:


If you've read the book, it would be fantastic if you could spend two minutes writing a short review at Amazon UK here:

These reviews make an enormous difference to the success of a book. There are currently 15 reviews. Having 20 would be great!

One more thing. If you're finding all this carpe diem business a bit too exhausting, then check out my brand new micro essay, 11 Films to Seize Before You Die. Spend a few hours getting your next dose of carpe diem while curled up on the sofa...

Best wishes to you all


PS. If you are the Hay Festival, where I'm speaking this weekend, come over and say hi.

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Anne Fawcett
 Anne Fawcett says:

Great update and I will definitely need to watch some of those movies. Thanks for the tip off and enjoy the Hay Festival!

posted 24th May 2017

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