Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown, 1716-1783

By John Phibbs

Leading authority on Brown publishes long-awaited celebration to mark his 300th anniversary

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Brown Advisor is for museums! Arise the Repton Gazette

It is only now that I can break the news to paid-up enthusiasts for Brown that there was always a bigger plan, not just to re-establish Brown, the great master, in the national consciousness, but through his work to bring to public attention landscape itself and the great English tradition of which he was the leading light. Connoisseurs of Brown will already be familiar with the Brown Advisor (; but now the Advisor is moving to the back benches and his place is taken by the posturing bombadier that is the editor of the Repton Gazette ( I have been commissioned to write two further books on Brown's successor, Humphry Repton. You may have to start saving.

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