Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown, 1716-1783

By John Phibbs

Leading authority on Brown publishes long-awaited celebration to mark his 300th anniversary

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Good news on the blog, less good on Place-making

One or two people have asked and I am no longer certain that Place-making will be out in February - we are at present finalising the index - but it will be out - be in no doubt of that!

However I am now tidying up the Brown Advisor ( and this will shortly result in a new set of categories to help people navigate the blog, It is still getting around 1,000 visitors per week, somewhat to my surprise. I continue to get inquiries but where possible I shall incorporate these into existing posts and then let the world know where a major revision (eg the insertion of a whole new paragraph) has been made. For example in the tidying up process I have added to notes 209 and 297 among others.

Apologies anyway for the continued delays. I lie awake at night and wonder if it will all seem worth it in the end.


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Ricky Pound
 Ricky Pound says:

Don't worry John, Rome wasn't built in a day! Masterpieces take time! Ricky Pound

posted 30th January 2017

Chris Wynne-Davies
 Chris Wynne-Davies says:

And it certainly wasn't built just for someone to play the violin while it was burning down

posted 30th January 2017

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