Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown, 1716-1783

By John Phibbs

Leading authority on Brown publishes long-awaited celebration to mark his 300th anniversary

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Correction - also an invitation

Dear all, I have it hot from Historic England that they are now putting back the publication date for Place-making to February 2017. It's not exactly tercentennial, but none the worse for that I hope. My apologies to all those who had hoped to nod over their pledged volumes by the fire after Christmas dinner.

Let me offer by way of compensation an invitation to the book launch of the companion volume, which is being published by Rizzoli. Do let Sophie Liardet ( know if you'd like to come as numbers cannot be unlimited and I'd like to give you a few days' start by way of reward for your patience. 

I very much hope to see you there. It will be the final appearance of my tercentennial year!


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