Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown, 1716-1783

By John Phibbs

Leading authority on Brown publishes long-awaited celebration to mark his 300th anniversary

Saturday, 10 June 2017

At last!

I hope you've received a copy of Place-making by now. I hope too that it will prove worth the wait - worth the weight? - it is a very much reduced version of the manuscript, and I hope also therefore that that refining process has not made it unreadably dense. Finally I hope that the argument I present will be coherent, novel and persuasive, and that we will live to see landscape take its place amongst the fine arts: nothing less than an exhibition on Brown at Tate Britain will now suffice.

That's enough hopes to fill a hot air balloon, feel free therefore to prick me with critical needles and bring me back to the ground with your catalogue of errors.

The e-books are in the making and will be emailed as soon as they're ready. 

Happy days,


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