By Lyndon White

A fantasy graphic novel about a young girl who sets out to steal magic from an evil Witch and use it to save her dying village.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Thought Bubble

 Hey everyone,

It's the week of Thought Bubble, one (if not, the) best comic events of the year here in the UK. If you are attending, I'll be at Table 177, in the Ask for Mercy Hall with a bunch of comics, graphic novels, A2 art prints, original drawings, concertina books, postcard books, flyers and bookmarks (yes, it's a very full table).

Unbound's graphic novels editor, Lizzie Kaye, will also be there at Table 108, with a range of Unbound books and graphic novels. Over the course of the weekend, we will be promoting the different projects with Unbound and be around to answer any questions or simply, chat about comics.


Thought Bubble is always an incredible show. This year it's taking place in Harrogate in a new venue, which is exciting as they can finally fit all attending comic creators under one roof! If you are attending, do come and say hi, check out some of my other books and grab a free bookmark.

Hope to see some of you there. 

All the best,


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