By Lyndon White

A fantasy graphic novel about a young girl who sets out to steal magic from an evil Witch and use it to save her dying village.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

The opening scene


It's been awhile since I've updated you all on all things Candles. Previously I'd mentioned I was contemplating changing the opening scene. Not redrawing any pages, but simply adding in a scene before we meet Grace and the giant wolf attacks the village. That extra scene has now been written and I'm going to start drawing those pages next week, bringing the sequential page count up to 122 pages.


Overal, the book is shaping up nicely. I ended up drawing the line work for Candles and another book back to back, creating a VERY chunky "to ink" pile for both books. There's roughly 160 comic pages that I've drawn over the last couple of months which are now ready for me to ink. 

The new pages wont spoil anything from the book so I'll share them once the set is finished. As always, thanks for your support and baring with me while I balance the other freelance projects. I'm looking forward to inking all the magic!

All the best,


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