The Girl and the Wolf

Saturday, 17 November 2018


Things are ticking over nicely and new people are discovering Candles bit by bit. I've been working hard on drawing the line work and theres roughly 85% of the line work finished, ready to be inked! Which is quite a milestone. I've been drawing in a lot of detail throughout the book and its nice to see it all coming together. As such, I wanted to share a couple of pages that are part of the opening scene, where Grace comes into contact with the giant wolf attacking the village.


Starting with a 3 by 3 grid, Grace finds the wolf (who is infected by Dark-bark) reaking havok on the village. She shoots an arrow into it's eye and then becomes the target of the monster. Like her farther Levi, Grace has grown up in combat and is very capable at defending herself and the village. Even though she is only partly sucessful, she can hold her own. 


Trying a different tatic, Grace begins to cast a spell (dioglue will help in these panels). However, before the spell can be fully cast, Levi grabs her arm and strickly tells her never to use magic. Like everyone in the village, Levi believes no good can come from using magic. With Grace injured, he climbs the village tower that stands between Grace and the wolf. 


At this point the wolf has already taken a beating. It's been hit by arrows, spears and swords, but it still standing. Levi finally brings it down, by jumping from the tower and slamming his axe into its back. Grace helps Levi to his feet and notices his arm has been scratched by the wolf, showing early signs of a Dark-bark infection. The monster is defeated, but at a cost.

From these opening pages I wanted to showcase the stakes in this world and that things arn't easy. Yes, the story is set in a magical and fantastical world, but there is grit behind it. Things have happened to these characters before the story is set, which makes the world feel alive and have some history to it. You will get more from these pages once they are inked, coloured and lettered, but I hope you've got a bit more insight to the characters and where the story is going. 

I look forward to sharing more with you all soon. I've just spent the majority of today drawing books for a library scene, which takes place a little later in the story. Thanks for checking out the update, I'll have more line work to share with you all soon.

All the best,




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Ferdy L
Ferdy L says:

Looks great!! Hope more people find this comic!!

November 19, 2018

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