The Game Plan

Monday, 22 October 2018

Firsty, thank you for checking out and possibly pledging to Candles. I'm having a blast working on this book and hope you all enjoy the finished product. I wanted to go over the process quickly of how I'm making this book and the "Game Plan" sort of speak.

At this point, the script for Candles is finished. Aside from some slight edits to dialogue or tweaking a panel here of there, it's all locked down. When working on long form projects like this, I always work in steps. Once the script is finished, then I work my way through all the line work, then all the inks, followed by all the colours. Currently, I'm a little over half way through the line work, which has enabled me to complete a good chunk of the work. There's still plenty to do, but certain scenes and locations are now finished (in line work terms).
Part of the reason for going over this is because I want you guys to be able to see how I work. For the moment, if you see updates or work online, it will be mostly line work. Other artists might work on a single page from pencils to colour, but, for myself, I tend to get better results and work much faster by sticking to one aspect of a book at a time: line work, inks, colour. It's almost like following a step by step recipe. I am going to be giving you opportunities to see more finished coloured pages, so keep an eye out.  

Overall, this is just a tease to how I work and the kind of updates you can expect as the project gets nearer to completion. I hope you get an insight to how Candles is very detailed book and the effort that goes into the line work stage and not just the finished product.

Again, thanks for checking out the the project and look out for more updates soon. 

All the best,




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