By Lyndon White

A fantasy graphic novel about a young girl who sets out to steal magic from an evil Witch and use it to save her dying village.

Friday, 10 May 2019

New pages - The Opening Scene

It's been a busy week. I wrapped up drawing the line work on the other graphic novel (Re-Animator) that I've been working on and I also mapped out the new opening scene for Candles. The scene takes place the night before the village is attacked and follows a group of adventurers heading home. I've just finished drawing the first two pages which you can check out below. I'll be working on the remainding five next week.

General Note: Click on the images to see them in hi-res.


Opening shot of moon and the forest. There's quite a lot of text throughout this sequence, so if you see any chunks of empty space, that's where the text is going. It was nice to draw a fresh set of characters and I loosely played on some D&D stereotypes. The basic outline of the page: group of friends talking and making jokes about Kaden (a character who isn't shown and has gone missing), they realise that Kaden is missing and start to panic.

The group look around, weapons drawn. A figure comes forward (panel 2) with flickers of light emitting from the trees. Panel 3 is "the money shot" and reveals the Witch and what has caused their friend to go missing. I had a lot of fun drawing this panel. Generally, any time magic is in a scene I have free reign and get to really play around with the illustrations. One of the key reasons for adding this scene is to showcase the Witch and the importance of the Candles, contained in their floating lanterns respectfully. Panel 4 is a reaction shot of the leader saying a single word, "Run."


Granted, these are only the pencils but everything should really "pop" when its taken through to colour. This opener is a bit more horror focused but will really help set the tone and the stakes in this world. 

More updates will be coming next week as I work on the remaining five pages. I hope you all enjoy how everything is shaping up now that I'm showcasing the Witch in sequentials.

Have a good weekend,


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