THE BRAIN OF TORQUEMADA aka Edward Powys Mathers (1892 – 1939)

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

All at Shandy Hall would like to thank you for your support for this unusual, ‘Unbound’ book project as we are over half way to funding the publication of ‘Cain’s Jawbone’.

The book will come in a box which will contain 100 loose pages of a murder mystery story which you will be able to spread out over a table and begin to work out which page follows which. That doesn’t sound too difficult does it? Each page contains clues as to where it should be positioned in relation to the others; some of the clues are simple - and some are not. Only two people* submitted the correct answer in the 1930's for the cash prize. Can you solve this mystery for the £1,000 prize?

We only need about another 230 supporters – the number we have managed to ensnare - so we thought we would ask you to, please, tell a friend about the project, encourage them to sign up and help us to bring this literary enigma into production.

We thought a photograph of the outside of Edward Powys Mathers’ brain might help you to understand the mind that created this extraordinary puzzle – and we have also reproduced the very first crossword that he (under the name of Torquemada) submitted to The Observer in 1929, which contains a direct reference to Laurence Sterne in clue 4 down.

[click the crossword to enlarge]

The answers will be posted in the next update – by which time we might (with luck and your kind help) be able to record that we have passed 65%.

Thank you 
All at Shandy Hall


* More about those next time.

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