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"Lots of fun, very fair, very hard"

Monday, 20 November 2017

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Cain's Jawbone is now 60% funded thanks to your support and enthusiasm for bringing this 'vintage murder mystery' back to life.

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Thanks to The Guardian archive for the digital scans of the solution of the first 'Feeler' crossword by Torquemada (Edward Powys Mathers). Though the puzzles are timeless, the type however was not and is, by contemporary standards, somewhat…

THE BRAIN OF TORQUEMADA aka Edward Powys Mathers (1892 – 1939)

Thursday, 9 November 2017

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All at Shandy Hall would like to thank you for your support for this unusual, ‘Unbound’ book project as we are over half way to funding the publication of ‘Cain’s Jawbone’.

The book will come in a box which will contain 100 loose pages of a murder mystery story which you will be able to spread out over a table and begin to work out which page follows which. That doesn’t sound too difficult…

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