Cain's Jawbone

By Edward Powys Mathers

A paperback edition of the world's most difficult literary puzzle

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The Box is back! The Box is back!

You asked and we delivered. 

We're delighted to announce that we've relaunched the Cain Jawbone Boxed edition for crowdfunding on our website. 

In this specially customised box are one hundred cards of individual pages from the book, sorted in an entirely haphazard order. Through logic and intelligent reading, you can sort the cards into the only correct solution to reveal the six murder victims - and their respective murderers.

This beautifully bound package is the ultimate gift for the detective in your life or a brilliant collectable for yourself, if you're brave enough to attempt this notoriously difficult puzzle. Better yet, if you'd like to pair up with someone to solve this very Novel Problem, you can order two boxes for delivery. 

When we recieve 500 preorders, we'll start printing the stock ready for delivery. We don't antipicate these boxes being ready by Christmas 2022, but we'll aim to get them in supporters hands as soon as we can. 

To find out more and how you can pledge for THE BOX go here:

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Two Paperbacks

Two copies of the infamously difficult puzzle in a pocket-sized paperback.


  • Room for notes at the bottom of each page
  • Printed 'cut here' lines for those who want to remove pages
  • Attempted solutions will still be marked
  • All correct answers will receive £250 Unbound credit voucher
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