Cain’s Jawbone – A Novel Problem

By Edward Powys Mathers

Can you solve Torquemada’s murder mystery - the world's most difficult literary puzzle?

Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Christmas Crossword



Thank you to all 299 of you who have supported Cain's Jawbone so far. Please share the project with your friends and perhaps pledge a copy of Cain's Jawbone to include their name as a Christmas gift?

To help you get inside Torquemada's brain, and understand how it works, we have taken one of his crosswords from 112 Best Crossword Puzzles (London, Pushkin Press, 1942) and reproduced it beneath, to see you through the festive season. It's a recipe for Xmas pudding - logical and possible but not an ordinary pudding.

If you get stuck just send an email ( and we'll send you the answer by email after New Year. 

Only 33% to go and then we can tell you who will be designing the image for the box and the reverse of the cards.

All very exciting!


                                                PUZZLE No. 508 FULL PAY PUDDING (1935)


                                                               [click to enlarge]


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