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Owen Treadwell has a bad habit of focusing on his past. Soon it will be time for him to finally focus on his future

Monday, 10 July 2017

The Book

Time I told you more about the process you have all agreed to be a part of. The book, as those of you who’ve seen me recently will know, is fully funded. Thank you all so much. What you have set in motion, to be continued by the Unbound team, will take the book from a 12 point digital babble in Times New Roman to a 200 and something page throwable object printed in proper ink.

To clarify: you have paid for the process as well as the book. First up is something called the structural edit. The manuscript went off to an editor Wednesday before last. They will comment on the overall structure and provide page by page amendments and queries. Step two is copy editing. I would explain properly what happens from thereon in but I can’t be too exact. 16-18 weeks is the allotted time for editing, from the structural edit through copy editing to proofreading. Of course, much of this will depend on how ready for publication the words are, which, at this stage, only the editor will know. Rather like your annual car service, I imagine, important stuff will get fixed. Other stuff will be suggested. If the suggestion is that I buy a new vehicle, then, I’m sorry, but the book should be excluded from any Christmas lists. If the suggestion is that I scrap the car and switch to public transport, then look forward to owning a one-off, a Jay Leno GM Ecojet, with your name at the back just like a personalised number plate. I find this out in around 4 weeks.

Following the structural edit I will update you all on how it’s going. In the meantime, enjoy the summer. Your work is done. If anyone still wants to buy a copy of the book, the pledging booth remains open. I’m going to switch off for a few weeks and re-energise for the redraft. I probably know this book like you know your commute to work and will likely talk about it with the same enthusiasm, so promotional duties from me are temporarily suspended. Anything, even the title, remains subject to change, and frankly, I’d rather not think about that right now. For the time being I will refer to Bulldog as the book. I might occasionally refer to it as that book. The bookage. My Little B. My Booky Wook, I see, is already taken. What a shame.


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