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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

At the time of writing we are now at 54%. So well done me . . . I mean you. The response so far has been amazing, and anyone who has ever done a bit of self promotion will appreciate how shameless you become at slipping “I’ve written a book and wondered if you want to buy a copy” into every conversation. Thank you to friends and family who have had to be cameramen, script editors, PR consultants, and listen to my fascinating reports on every percentage increase and unexpected pledge. I promise we can talk about you again once the book is fully funded.

I'm really grateful that you patrons of the arts (because, let’s face it, that’s what those of you who’ve pledged can now start calling yourselves) have taken a punt on the back of a 900 word excerpt and a bit of pestering. As the book is already written, I’d be willing to add a few more paragraphs to the excerpt if you’re the type who demands a more generous taster before leaving the suitcase full of money on the bed.

54% in 49 days is massive. I’m tempted to use the words “groundswell” and “snowball”. Let’s not allow our beautiful snowball to melt.


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