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Nobody Calls Me Yellow

Friday, 26 May 2017

We have reached a watershed. The word is that 75%, like the windmill on Coyote Pass in Back To The Future III, is Bulldog’s (unofficial) point of no return. That means we are fully committed, strapped in. The locomotive is headed for the precipice. To borrow from the Doc on this: “Once we pass this windmill, it’s the future or bust,” and I am sure that you, as well as I, would rather vanish safely into 1985 than plummet off an unfinished bridge in a DeLorean.

But we are still in need of a 2015-era hoverboard and Clara Clayton still needs saving. Quit beatin’ the devil around the stump. Whip out your black-eyed Susan. Call the sheriff in. I don’t care. I need numbers, people. And the beauty part is that Unbound are offering 15% off all pledges when you enter "Mayday" at the checkout (and an even more magnificent 15% off Bulldog) and throwing in 2 free ebooks from a selection of incredibly talented Unbound alumni until June.

So come on down and get pledgin'. I mean, what’s wrong, dude? You yella?


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