Saturday, 8 September 2018

How’s it going?
Pretty well, thanks. Almost 70 people have made pledges so far, and the book is nearly a quarter funded. I’ve just finished writing the chapter where a Bromley striker sent himself off in an FA Trophy game. 
There must be an easier way to get a book published?
Can’t argue with that, but this feels like the best way even though much of my time seems to be filled sending begging emails - which are ignored 95% of the time.
Have the club been any help?
They’ve been great, promoting it all over the place - social media, emails, podcasts etc. There's even a plug on their website here which is very nice of them.
When will the book come out?
That depends on when the funding target is reached, but it should be sometime next year.
So, do you think that I should make a pledge?
God, yes.
Now would be a good time.
How will Bromley do this year?
I’m just hoping for a solid mid-table finish and a board that keeps faith in Neil Smith, Bromley's excellent manager.
Have any famous people made pledges?
Neil Smith, Bromley's excellent manager.
Doesn’t everyone know what happens at the end?
Not necessarily. It might not be what they’re expecting.

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